James Bowman from Against Me!

I know. Most of you have probably thought that this post was going to be about Laura Jane Grace (formerly known as Tom Gabel), the frontman frontwoman of Florida folk-punkrockers Against Me! Her story is truly inspiring for anyone fighting against prejudices and seeking their sexual/personal freedom; a boy who was raised inside the punk-rock scene having to deal with a lot of homophobic behaviours and who, in his thirties, married and with a daughter, decided to accept and reveal her true self, as a woman. Happily, her family supported that decision and the band, or at least the only original remaining member, supported that too.

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Wow, seems like an eternity since last time I updated the blog. I apologize for that, you know, days should have more hours and that. To prove that I’m back and it’s my will to bring some new posts in the near future, I drop you this, for the muscle/bear fans.

It’s a flickr album with flyers of the Blowoff events, a dance-rock party hosted by Bob Mould and Rich Morell. I know, it’s not “strictly” a rock thing, but you know… it’s a “Bob Mould thing”, the guy you’d remember from the very fist post on this blog, about Hüsker Dü.

I don’t know about the parties, but you have to admit that they’re really sweet pieces of artwork. The artist is Linas Garsys.

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Adrian Utley (Portishead)

You probably have heard of something called trip-hop. It originated in UK in the early 90’s and it was an exciting and successful mixture of hip-hop vibes, sometimes with soft spoken vocals, electronic music like house and chill-out, some jazzy influence and of course pop and rock music. Hailing from Bristol, Portishead were one of the pioneers and their main weapon was the personal and fragile voice of Beth Gibbons. They released their debut Dummy (which is one of the best records in a decade full of great records) to high critical acclaim, they followed that path with their second album and that was all. Like if they had been conscious of the self-limited pattern of what initially was a new sub-genre, they ceased their activity avoiding any break-up. They just stopped the band.

Adrian Utley
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Peter Hook (Joy Division / New Order)

Long time since last post. I am not always on the mood to blog or to think about gorgeous rockers that may be on the blog. So, I thought I would make two posts almost at the time. The subject would be similar, two mature men that surprisingly or maybe not, I find cuter as time passes. Both of them are British, they’re also great artists and none of them is/was the frontman of their bands. Also, they have something in common musically or let’s best say that one band took sound from where the other(s) left.

¿Feeling curious? I’m talking about Peter Hook, bassist of Joy Division and New Order -nowadays touring and playing Joy Division setlists- and Adrian Utley, which plays, well, bass, guitar, piano and whatever in the truly amazing Portishead, as amazing as Joy Division were.

There are a lot of photographs so I split this in one post for each musician and this one is about Hook.
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Damian Abraham from Fucked Up

Ok, so, this was an obvious post from the very beginning, sooner or later I had to talk about him. His name is Damian Abraham, he has monikers such as Father Damian or Pink Eyes and he’s the singer/growler and awesome frontman for the (again) awesome canadian indie/hardcore/alternative band Fucked Up. And their collection of explicit photographs is the closer this blog are never going to be from porn, so enjoy.


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