Andy Cairns, Irish bloke

It’s time since the last update, sorry, I’ve been busy. The subject this time is Mr. Andy Cairns, frontman, singer and guitar player in the North Irish band called Therapy? As for the band, they’re now celebrating their 20th anniversary so you can guess that Andy is not a teenager, at least physically. Cause we all know rockers are always under 20 in spirit. If you haven’t heard of them, you need to check Troublegum (1994) asap. This record is full of potential hit singles, no fillers at all, and coming from the UK has nothing to envy to the brilliant records that came from the US, specially Seattle at that time. You can also check their latest “Crooked Timber” (2009) which truly shows that this band of veterans is still kicking and letting the world know that they can beat a lot of youngsters by trying new tricks and making some deep song and lyrics writing.

Ok, their style is hard to define as they try to change a bit from record to record, but can range from garage-punk (Stooges, MC5), melodic punk-rock (Ramones, Misfits), quick metal, probably old Metallica and Motörhead, post-punk and noise (Joy Division, Killing Joke, Jesus Lizard), industrial (Nine Inch Nails, Ministry) and of course alt-rock (Husker Du, Sonic Youth, grunge bands…). Anyway they have a wide range in musical taste where there is place for some hip-hop, electronic or jazz music too. So you can see they’re great music fans as well as musicians and performers. Enough talking about the band, right? Let’s go to this incredible, funny and always-smiling guy that is Andy Cairns.

In retrospect, when you look his photos from the old times,you feel like he could feature a vintage male porn, being a hairy manly yet with the typical rockstar ambiguity and specially that moustache, although more frequently he wear the full goatee thing. Some tattoos, black outfits and leather would do the rest.

He probably wants a kiss on this xD

Enjoying live acts.

Smiling, as he knows

Sweating in a suit and tie

Feeling the blues

Growin’ old

With Tim Wheeler, from pals and neighbours Ash.

He has a great reputation for being one of the nicest dudes in rock n roll. So probably, if you go to a Therapy? show and you are able to hold your nerves, you can get a pic with him. He usually also shows his sense of humour on stage and tries to be very kind to their audiences.

After so many years seeing him with stache or goatee,  Cairns looks a bit weird without (major) facial hair and a bit overweighted as he seems to be now (well, he has always been a beefy Irish bloke). But handsome to say the least, look at that smile and sparkling eyes.

Still in great shape live

He has recently put on these big framed glasses that make him look less like a wild rocker and more like a cool and geeky grandaddy that still dress like a youngster, with the beard also growing a bit. Maturity fits him fairly well indeed.

framed glasses

framed glasses

Let’s hope to see him live soon. Chek out the music.



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