dustin kensrue (wishes you merry xmas)

I came across this lovely pic of the post-hardcore-alternative-whatever band Thrice, that really suits these days.  We are going to talk about their vocalist, Dustin Kensrue, and if you don’t place him in the photo just look for the sparkling beautiful blue eyes. And he makes great, inspiring music. His only weakness seems to be a convinced christian. Not that bad I guess, it’s just that I per sonally think religions are rarely any good. Anyway he would be happy of “celebrating” with us Christ’s birth, right? 😉

I guess you found him easily but anyway, here is him alone.

I don’t know how many time past from one pic to another but apparently he’s done some serious inking in his right arm lately.

Those eyes… hipnotizing

And here… without them!

Thrice is one of the most acclaimed alternative rock bands in the last years. They gained great success in 2003 with “The Artist in the Ambulance”, an album that traced their evolution from hardcore rooted influences to a really expansive sound with echoes of progressive, grunge, emo and experimental things. This was a solid reality in “Vheissu” (2005) and later on four tematic EPS matching the four elements, fire, water, air and earth, called “The Alchemy Index” and released in two volumes. Here are some cool promo shots of Thrice, commonly with Dustin fronting them.

The band has released their last record, “Beggars” in 2009 and while not being as surprising as previous albums, finds the band growing and maturing their sound.

Another silly one

Back to him alone.

One of the things that I like about it is that he looks like the typical shy guy that obviously becomes a top frontman when his on stage. One of the kind of musicians that, despite making sort of aggressive (though beautiful, in this case) music, is a very calm and serene person. I may be wrong, it’s just a feeling.

Here he looks as if he is suffering insomnia, but still looks great

Rock n roll!

It’s a shame all these pics don’t focus on him closely, so check this vid in which you can see in detail his eyes, smile, strong tattoed arms, etc.



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