Greg Dulli; sounds of sweat and smoke

Sorry folks if any of you have been following this blog and is a bit disappointed with the long period between updates. It’s not easy to find time to do it and choose subjects. I hope the following topic will make you happier. 🙂
His name’s Greg Dulli and you can do your research but in my opinion it’s one of the most underrated songwriters of our times. He is known for being former frontman of the totally awesome band The Afghan Whigs. They were a four-piece rock band from Ohio and they started following the path of bands like Replacements and some other indie-rock pioneers such as Mudhoney, but soon this wasn’t enough for Dulli’s talent. So they improve drastically the songwriting, getting to be one of the most critically acclaimed alternative rock bands in the 90’s although no big commercial success was given in return, at least not compared with fellow grunge or indie-rock bands. They shared some things with these bands, obscure lyrics, loser stories, but more love oriented than the teenage angst or rants about society that many young rock bands use.

Greg Dulli have always been an absolutely charismatic guy, with a charming smile and with real attitude, which was visible in their live shows. One of the Whigh’s albums is called “Gentleman” and you can tell that is what Dulli is. A true romantic, a lover above all. He has songs both shattering and touching in a heartfelt way.

Dark glasses and a cigarette in his mouth are commonly associated with Dulli, showing an (again) romantic image of the classic rockstar in present times. It’s so common that it seems even autoparodic. The one bellow is probably it’s coolest image, ever.

In fact, he even got to impersonate Lennon/McCartney’s roles in The Backbeat Band, a supergroup including members of Sonic Youth, Nirvana, REM, Gumball and Soul Asylum for doing Beatles’ covers for a film about that epic band. Do yourself a favour a get it but only afterwards you have done with “Congregation”, “Gentleman”, “Black Love” and “1965”, the Whigs’s four last records, each one a must-listen.
Physically I have to admit that I didn’t like him when he was younger as much as I do now. Maybe he has really gained with time (a thing who is not so strange) or maybe it’s just that I like men with some extra pounds, and you can tell for the pics bellow, he’s big like a bull. He has those undeniably Italian features like if he’s a tough guy but also a nice man (think Tony Soprano without the blood involved, LOL), a duality that makes him extra hot. About him gaining weight, it probably has to do with breaking with some rock n roll related habits, his struggle with drugs and alcohol has been tough and finally I guess he’s only on fine scotch whiskey and cigarettes.

Smile for me, Mr. Dulli

Greg Dulli is ultra-passionate live. You can see him sweating as hell and you feel his virile power, as if he was releasing testosterone all over the place, with his subtle sexy bouncing from one side to another of the stage. He’s very theatrical and that’s a delight that adds to a solid musical and vocal performance. What wouldn’t I give for that shirt!.

His band now is called The Twilight Singers and is not going to dissapoint any of Afghan Whigs fans. His music has only become a little more mature, but in no way boring (as usually happens). By listening them you can tell Dulli is always listening new things and although that’s not gonna change the way he writes, you can always hear some fresh influences.

One of his most notable and recent musical spots was the record and tour with fellow Mark Lanegan, as The Gutter Twins. A long-awaited and unforgettable team-up for anyone who lived the 90’s and for anyone who loves great music for these two talented songwriters. Really touching and beautiful. I love Lanegan but I must admit I even love more Dulli after seeing them together. On the other hand, you can feel it: Dulli means class, what a great dude!


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  1. Thank god i found a website that talks about gay punks!!! i have a punk industrial alternative band, too and i am a gay man too (i’m the lead singer from the band). hugs! my band is called Cinderella’s Fiction, you can find us on myspace 🙂


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