Damian Abraham from Fucked Up

Ok, so, this was an obvious post from the very beginning, sooner or later I had to talk about him. His name is Damian Abraham, he has monikers such as Father Damian or Pink Eyes and he’s the singer/growler and awesome frontman for the (again) awesome canadian indie/hardcore/alternative band Fucked Up. And their collection of explicit photographs is the closer this blog are never going to be from porn, so enjoy.


Let’s first introduce Fucked Up. This is an awesome band that twists genres into its own… they sound rather punk-rock but they’ve grown to an extremely rich sound palette that it’s frequent that you can read names as Black Flag or Circle Jerks along with, let’s say, My Bloody Valentine. For me, the closest band to their sound it’s Hüsker Dü. They don’t sound the same but you know, they started as a strictly hardcore band and they ended up being an alternative rock band with a lot of good songs. This is what I think it’s happening to Fucked Up, especially with their (still) last album “The Chemistry of Common Life”. Please listen to them and I guarantee that behind the fierce punk-rock mood and menacing voice you’ll find a lot of shades of great taste in music, if you like alternative-rock and punk-rock, of course.

About the frontman again well, he’s chubby, he’s not ashamed of it, he likes to show in each concert they give and he rubs his sweating body against the audience. Most of the times he even drop their pants and makes a full nude which is at the same time entertaining for everyone and exciting for some of us. In fact, I’ve read him saying he started getting naked on stage because a friend of him who’s gay and obviously into bears told him he should do it because there are so many people out there loving his body. Well, he was right and Damian has turned into some kind of “indie underground straight icon” for bear community. How cool is that?

He’s not just handsome and funny. He’s in fact very clever and if you read interviews to him (he also makes them to others, indeed) or follow his twitter you’ll find that he has interesting point of views in politics, society and you know, interesting topics about which most rockstars don’t bother dealing with. He just have enough balance to think about non-musical things and not spreading his thoughts in the mesianic ways we are used to. Yeah, I’m sounding like I would marry him, but a woman came before me (congrats for her, apparently she doesn’t care about his husband getting naked on stage, which is pretty cool).


With or without beard? The perfect transition from cub to bear.


Rock shows never were so fun!



Inviting nipples, aren’t they?

Fat is sexy

I wanna be those guys

Coolest t-shirt ever

Ok, I could keep on posting pic after pic because you know, I love this dude but hey, I’m far from being the only one. So, a few days ago I’ve just discovered this amazing collection of photographs of our punk-rock giant in a Tumblr. So, follow this link and enjoy.



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