Jason Beebout of Samiam

Our subject now is Jason Beebout, singer of the punk-rock band Samiam, which you can see right bellow. Yeah, the big, crossed-arms, smiling guy, that’s it.

Samiam is a band from California, formed in the late 80’s. You can tell they’re one of those bands that nobody knows in your neighbourhood but the ones they do, probably love them. They were a really important band in a moment when punk, hardcore, emo, alternative, were melting its borders. In fact, they also got in the 90’s to a major label, gaining some success, mainly in the US, with the single, “Capsized” on MTV. Definitely check out “Clumsy”(1994), the album containing that, among other great, powerful songs of melodic enraged hardcore. Seriously, it’s full of instant classics. My favourite is the somewhat grungy “Stepson”.

band old

The band ceased its activity in 2000, but they continued touring occasionally and 2006 saw them coming fully back to life.

So, well, let’s focus on the singer. He has a really melodic voice yet a bit broken throat, which makes the music so passionate and this is a powerful reason why you may see them tagged as emo, which does not seem so wrong if you think that they can be in some place between the dark and passionate side of Sunny Day Real State, the roughness of the first Jawbreaker and the punk-pop ways of The Get Up Kids, just to name a few.

First I must say, that he has improved as he has gotten older. In the pic bellow I would have gone for the chubby guy and by the way he grabs him in the other picture, I think he knew it, hehe.

He has certain brute, lumberjack feeling, but at the same time he combines it with nerdy looks sometimes. Which is fun, because for his complexion, he looks more like the football captain. I found his face totally lovable, I’m not sure but it looks to me like a mixture of English/Irish and French ascendence. You know, rosy cheeks as if he was constantly drunk, little light sparkling eyes, pretty and small nose… beautiful, in a word.

In a deeper view I love when men in their forties or so keep in bands with the same spirit as when they were teenagers just simply rocking out and not trying to do more complex or mature things. I mean, it’s ok to play some folk or crooner music but I think making punk-rock when you get older is the best way to show inconformity, to tell the world that you shouldn’t live in any particular way just because of your age. Not that he’s a grandpa or something, but anyway, that was just a thought. 馃檪

So the pics, here. They’re mostly from the Samiam’s myspace and last.fm profiles so you can go there for some more if you like him. Hope you do.



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