Adrian Utley (Portishead)

You probably have heard of something called trip-hop. It originated in UK in the early 90’s and it was an exciting and successful mixture of hip-hop vibes, sometimes with soft spoken vocals, electronic music like house and chill-out, some jazzy influence and of course pop and rock music. Hailing from Bristol, Portishead were one of the pioneers and their main weapon was the personal and fragile voice of Beth Gibbons. They released their debut Dummy (which is one of the best records in a decade full of great records) to high critical acclaim, they followed that path with their second album and that was all. Like if they had been conscious of the self-limited pattern of what initially was a new sub-genre, they ceased their activity avoiding any break-up. They just stopped the band.

Adrian Utley

Well, few years ago they surprised again with a Third record (called that way, Third) which was jaw-dropping to the entire indie community. These three guys who had been basically doing nothing, came back with a new sound and, far away from what you could call maturity, they shifted from their classy rhythms full of grooves and black influences (soul, jazz) to more after-punk and kraut-rock oriented paranoia.

So don’t forget their music, I couldn’t help pointing it out, although that is not the point here.

With this comeback, I rediscovered an Adrian Utley gracefully aged. This time, basically the subject hadn’t changed a bit of his looks (same left-ear piercing, same sideburns), it’s just that the hair went a bit whiter and a bit off. To be honest he was as hot back in the time, you know, pink-cheeked and all. A tough but friendly-looking bloke, but he’s getting wider and that’s good to me.

There are not as many great pics of him, since all the focuses gather normally around Beth Gibbons. Besides, Geoff Barrow is often given more credit as main composer for the band (which seems to be true) and is also better known than Utley.



When I see him doing nasty things with their guitars, I wanna do nasty things with him

All pink and sweaty…mmmm


I have this sort of attraction to men who shave probably daily but still have beard always growing. I would love to kiss Adrian and feel that shaven facial hair. I find their grey/white sideburns pretty hot, too.


Adrian Utley

For the last picture, this great portrait. Beautiful as ever and with broken jeans, so provocative!


And a little video to appreciate his cool accent.



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