Peter Hook (Joy Division / New Order)

Long time since last post. I am not always on the mood to blog or to think about gorgeous rockers that may be on the blog. So, I thought I would make two posts almost at the time. The subject would be similar, two mature men that surprisingly or maybe not, I find cuter as time passes. Both of them are British, they’re also great artists and none of them is/was the frontman of their bands. Also, they have something in common musically or let’s best say that one band took sound from where the other(s) left.

¿Feeling curious? I’m talking about Peter Hook, bassist of Joy Division and New Order -nowadays touring and playing Joy Division setlists- and Adrian Utley, which plays, well, bass, guitar, piano and whatever in the truly amazing Portishead, as amazing as Joy Division were.

There are a lot of photographs so I split this in one post for each musician and this one is about Hook.

To understand why I’m focusing in him right now let’s see some evolution. This is how Hookie looked liked back when Joy Division and New Order were making history.

Ok, well, not bad. A lot of people would find him pretty attractive for sure. But still not my cup of tea.

So, years passed and he turned into this. So yeah, he got older, he got fat and yet, he grew long hair for whatever purpose.

So there would still something wrong… exactly, the hair. Fortunately, it became grey (or stopped tainting, whatever)

And finally, he got rid of the long hair and we’re left with a fucking charming man like this. Sparkling eyes, wide jaw, cute short beard, facial marks of age that make him look like the nicest dude in the neighbourhood.

Ok, Hookie, I would like to be your mixer

I must say that I didn’t truly discover how sexy he was until I saw him performing Unknown Pleasures. The show was really moving and he showed off as a fucking powerhouse. Not the closer performance to what Ian Curtis did really. Funny enough for one of the guys who played more and more with synth-pop, as a frontman he likes to fiercely rock, being expressive and aggressive, far from the kind of cold and alienated ways that Curtis showed.

This is a pic I’ve just found from this summer. Apparently he has lost some weight (why?) and he still looks good but I hope he don’t go that way too far. As an adult of his age there’s no point in losing weight to fit in tight jeans, leave the indie fashion for youngsters

In that tour and hopefully in the future, there was his son with him in the band and I must say he is a find. Good genes, he has that kind of hooliganish look, you know like a bit rude and not very smart (no offense, just a look cliché). And he’s slightly chub, not really fat but a bit stocky. I dig him, I don’t need to wait for him to grow older, LOL. Jokes aside, it must be supercool to have a father like this and tour with him playing those huge songs.

Anyway, let’s just delight with some more pics of the dad.



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